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Android App Development Program

ANDROID is an emerging technology and has immense scope and career options for the young students and We at Digita Serve provide you with the best ANDROID Training in Jaipur.

We understand the need of learning new technology and that is why we motivate you to put your hands on different applications of ANDROID and examine the how they work.

Develop your android skill with us

If you are a part of ANDROID Training in Jaipur with us then we will support and guide you up to the level of a professional ANDROID developer. Our ANDROID Training in Jaipur specializes in the primary constructing blocks of the ANDROID technology to offer you with crucial requirements of ANDROID. ANDROID Training in Jaipur is better than any other place because we start with the basic ANDROID user interface and then to the ANDROID system overviews which will make you understand the thing more accurately and precisely.

what you learn with us in android training

  • Basic Android User Interface
  • Android System Overview
  • Advanced UI
  • Multimedia in Android
  • SQL Database
  • Android Overview and History
  • Android Stack
  • SDK Overview
  • Hello World App
  • Main Building Blocks

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